Boundary Maintenance Work at Carlyle Lake

Published Dec. 4, 2018

CARLYLE LAKE – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Carlyle Lake will be performing boundary maintenance work from December 10, 2018 through January 18, 2019 on multiple sections of the boundary line at Carlyle Lake.   The boundary line maintenance work will consist of uniformed Park Rangers and volunteers walking the boundary lines, replacing signposts, identifying encroachments on government property, inspecting mowing permits, and clearing brush along the boundary line. The maintenance work is performed annually during the winter months when vegetation is at a minimum.  Maintenance is necessary in order to maintain a visible boundary line and to protect the public lands at Carlyle Lake.  The area of emphasis for the 2018-19 boundary maintenance will be the southern portion of the Carlyle Lake Project.   

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to assist with boundary line maintenance, contact the Carlyle Lake Project Office at (618) 594-2484 or email at




Amanda Kruse
Kim Hammel

Release no. 18-114