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FY15 Advertised FBO (Federal Business Opportunities) Solicitations Award Results

Solicitation Number Contract Number Title  Phone Number Award Date
W912P9-15-R-0707 W912P9-15-C-0406 Cavitation Repair at Clarence Cannon Dam, Mark Twain Lake, Monroe City, MO (314) 331-8502 02/25/15
 W912P9-15-B-0201 W912P9-15-D-0501  Vegetative Removal Services at Lake Shelbyville, Shelbyville, IL (314) 331-8511   02/02/15
 W912P9-15-T-7025 W912P9-15-P-1134 Installations of Heating and Cooling Units at Carlyle Lake, Clinton County, Carlyle, Illinois (618) 274-2008 x6105   02/19/15
W912P9-15-T-7024  W912P9-15-P-1163 Coles Creek Plumbing Fixture Upgrades at Carlyle Lake, Carlyle,
(618) 274-2008 x6105  03/17/15
 W912P9-15-T-7023 W912P9-15-V-3009  Electrical Upgrades to Coles Creek Recreational Area at Carlyle Lake, Carlyle, Illlinois  (314) 331-8527 03/18/15
 W912P9-15-T-7042 W912P9-15-P-1168  Flooring for the Carlyle Lake Project Office (314) 331-8527   04/21/15
 W912P9-15-T-7046 W912P9-15-P-1193 Solar Lights for Rend Lake (618) 724-2493  05/13/15 
W912P9-15-R-0722  W912P9-15-D-0511  LD25 & SERVICE BRIDGE PAINTING AND REPAIRING  (314) 331-8514 07/31/15 
W912P9-15-R-0726  W912P9-15-C-0515  CANNON DAM & LD25 PAINT AND REPAIR BULKHEADS  (314) 331-8514  07/30/15
 W912P9-15-R-0721 W912P9-15-C-0414  O&M FY 15, Upper MRM 300-195.0 (314) 331-8511   07/27/15
 W912P9-15-B-0211 W912P9-15-C-0416  O&M FY 15 Lower MRM 195-98.6 and 98.6  (314) 331-8511  08/13/15 
 W912P9-15-T-7055 W912P9-15-P-1243 Procurement to replace systems furniture and associated design, delivery, and installation services for approximately 700 square feet of office space. Six new workstations will be designed as well as shared work and conference areas (314) 331-8525  08/20/15 

Note: Award Results are removed after 60 days.

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